Marketplace of Providers

It is the intention of to connect educators with the highest quality providers. Our greatest measure of quality is feedback from those that use the products and services offered on this site. We encourage all users to note the ratings of providers and review the maximize return on investment resource. Having a presence on this site is not an endorsement of quality. Our team will strive to maintain criteria in an effort to maintain only high rated providers on this site.

What are the different types of providers?

Cooperative Providers
These businesses have partnered with MAPSA to create programs with the goal of saving you time and money. Each of these providers has been strategically chosen and proven to be a great resource. Within each provider’s program is a value that you would not otherwise have access to as an individual school or even a small group of schools.

Businesses who have added charter schools to their business strategy. Marketplace Providers bring years of experience in their field and have committed to serving the unique needs of the charter community.

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